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Jo would LOVE your endorsement for her nonpartisan Florence City Council position! Thank you so much!

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Don't forget to send the endorsements to the Siuslaw News for publication.

The sooner the better for space consideration when making your submission and see important information listed below.  Email to the Editor at You can also submit online via the “Submit Letters to the Editor” tab at

Important reminders and tips from the Siuslaw News to consider:

To be considered for publication:

 Letters must address pertinent or timely issues of interest to our readers at-large. In addition:
• Letters reflect the opinion of the writer. The Siuslaw News cannot verify the accuracy of all statements made in letters. Authors should ensure any information is accurate, fair and not from second-hand knowledge or hearsay, and include sources where possible.
• Letters have a suggested 300-word limit and may be edited for grammar and clarity. Occasionally letters will be longer.
• Authors must sign their full name and include their street address (only city will be printed), as well as a daytime phone number and/or email address for verification. The person who signs the letter must be the actual author. Siuslaw News does not accept anonymous Letters to the Editor.
• Siuslaw News will not print form letters, libelous letters, business promotions or personal disputes, poetry, open letters, letters espousing religious views without reference to a current issue, or letters considered in poor taste. Letters also may not be part of letter-writing campaigns.
• Writers are limited to one published letter every two weeks.

Political/Election Letters
Election-related letters must address pertinent or timely issues of interest to our readers at-large.
Letters must 1) Not be a part of letter-writing campaigns on behalf of (or by) candidates; 2) Ensure any information about a candidate is accurate, fair and not from second-hand knowledge or hearsay; and 3) Explain the reasons to support candidates based on personal experience and perspective rather than partisanship and campaign-style rhetoric.

Candidates themselves may not use the letters to the editor column to outline their views and platforms or to ask for votes; this constitutes paid political advertising.

As with all letters and advertising content, the newspaper, at the sole discretion of the publisher and editor, reserves the right to reject any letter that doesn’t follow the above criteria.


Authorized by Jo Beaudreau and the Friends of Jo Beaudreau 20792, her Candidate Committee, to Elect Jo Beaudreau for the City Council in the City of Florence, Oregon.
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